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AI as obstacle to Nigeria’s war on terrorism

  By Adah Ocholi Before the Iraqi War of 1991 there was a report of Iraqi soldiers ‘throwing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators’. That story was a fabrication of no other than Amnesty International, an international non-governmental organization (NGO) that says it is “campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all”. Amnesty

When Dogara’s Hate for PMB Becomes a Religion

By Charles Ibekwe Speaker of the House of Representatives, Right Honourable Yakubu Dogara is a man in desperate need of help before he drowns in his own bile. His Hatred for President Muhammadu Buhari has crossed the bounds of obsession and now borders on being a religion, a pathetic belief that relevance in the contemporary

Benue, Ortom and Governance Failure

By Ali Agada Certainly, Nigerians now know there is a serious leadership deficit in Benue state. Since Governor Samuel Ortom assumed the mantle of leadership of this agrarian state in May 2015, peace and progress have eluded the 42-year old state very pathetically. Whether it is by fate, ill-luck or design, what is incontestable is

A General’s Perspective Towards Ending Benue Crisis 

By Philip Agbese  Chief of Army Staff  (COAS), Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai’s comments, suggesting changes to certain policies and legislations as additional impetus for peace in the middle belt – Benue, Taraba, Nassarawa and some other neighbouring states, where farmers/herders’ have differences, has metamorphosed into a complex crisis that claims lives every now and then

The Dogara game plan for 2019

In Nigeria, it is a known fact that Bauchi state is one of the states in the North East where elections are fiercely contested. It is also a state with political heavyweights that have at one time, or the other played it big at the national scene. In the current dispensation, the number four position

NEMA: Drinking From The Chalice Of Corruption

BY RITA SAMUEL The vigorous anti -graft war waged by President Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria deserves pity from any discerning mind. In spite of Mr. President’s determined and concerted efforts to stamp out the monster of corruption from the system, it mutates into more intricate and deadly forms. Sometimes, persons or institutions officially mandated to

The Transformation of FMC, Makurdi

By Pius Udenyi I believe everyone knows the medical facilities in Benue state are overstretched at the moment. The recurring bloodbath in the state has exalted a strain on medical services. And that some of them are sub-standard makes the situation more daisy and messier. But medical professionals and administrators like a Consultant Surgeon and

Ayem Akapatema: Why the cats can’t stop the race now

BY IDOKO AINOKO When President Muhammadu Buhari approved the conduct of the Exercise Ayem Akpatema, an operational name derived from Tiv vernacular, meaning ‘Cat Race,’ by the Nigerian Army, it was a huge relief to many families who found themselves in the web of conspiracy between Nigerian politicians and ethnic jingoists out to exploit the