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Boko Haram: A Jihad Without Religion

By Idoko Ainoko What has been the consistent campaigns of Boko Haram insurgents is the desire to establish an Islamic State, opposed to the ideals of western education. It has been at the core of the vigorous attempts to impose their own version of Islamism on Nigeria. Boko Haram has been seeking to forbid Muslims

Oil: Another Paraffin for Terror

By Femi Babatunde The war against terrorism being persecuted against Boko Haram has entered another phase in which the terrorists are trying to resurge. They were sufficiently degraded when they were defeated in Sambisa Forest in December 2016. The war against terrorism was fought at that time with the impression that Nigeria was up against

Terrorism: Trump’s Approval And End Of The Black Days

By: Anthony Kolawole. The conjured and demonic opinions of skeptics on the unabated degeneration of Nigeria under a Buhari Presidency is the least of my nightmares. I am the more comfortable with myself because only falsehood struggles to be concealed, but truth breaks the most secured of jails to quench he thirst of man with

What If Oil Is The True Ideology of Boko Haram?

By: Richards Murphy The curse of natural is apparently real or more accurately, cursed interests in resource exploration are real. This evil often goes about masked as something less sinister. Take for instance the insanity that is today’s Afghanistan, which began in a fashion not too different from what Boko Haram is acting out in

Understanding Fayose’s Obsession With The Military

By: Okanga Agila Even primary school pupils in Nigeria tease themselves with the name of the Governor of Ekiti state, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, as a dippy, brainless soul, whose heart is unrepentantly steeped in evil. In Ekiti state where a rigged election conferred on him the noble task of state leadership, he administers a democratic

Between Boko And Borno Haram

By: Anthony Kolawole We cannot refrain from analyzing the counter-insurgency campaigns in Nigeria in the last two years under President Muhammadu Buhari. We cannot cast away a conscience overshadowed by the irrepressible inner voice which echoes a quenched, but gradually resurrecting tempo of Boko Haram terrorism only in some parts of Borno State. It is

Eliminating Terrorism In Nigeria And The Qatar Example

By: Karen Goulding Terrorism is a global tormentor. It is now the world’s biggest affliction, with most countries trapped in its quagmire completely helpless. In the Middle East and parts of North Africa where terrorism has a solid base, rages and spread tentacles to other parts of the globe, its being hell on earth on

Encounter with Dirty Fuel

By Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku If there are about 20 persons in Nigeria today who should know the deadly impact of the importation of Dirty Fuels to West Africa, I should be among the lot. Last Saturday, I took my power generating set for repairs. It was not starting and part of the problem as well

Ekitigate and NA 38: Have We Forgotten So Soon?

By: Idoko Ainoko A story is making the rounds about a petition to Acting President Professor Yemi Osinbajo on behalf of the 38 senior military officers that were compulsorily retired in June of last year having be found to be corrupt, partisan or ethnic in the performance of their duty. The petition written on behalf

Driving Business Growth With Pricing: Part One

Have you ever been to a supermarket and wondered why they sometimes have this odd way of pricing the products on shelves? By odd, I mean having an item priced like N74.50 (Seventy-four Naira, Fifty kobo) or N89.90 (Eighty-nine Naira, Ninety kobo) when we all know that getting the right change would be a major

A Yam-a-Yam–a story

By MajiriOghene Etemiku These are curious times certainly. These are times wherein regular and irregular occurrences confound, bewilder and astound us to the extent that as they happen as quickly as they do, one is left with the feeling of loss. The consequence of this is that there is a tendency to be at sea

Boko Haram And Sen. Kyari’s Meaningless Phobia

By: Ibrahim Bulama Our own Distinguished Senator Abubakar Shuaib Kyari is one Nigerian representative gripped by the fear of Boko Haram insurgency. He represents us the good people of Borno North senatorial district in the National Assembly (NASS). The only snag is that his fears are unfounded and the alarm he is mouthing all over