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Buhari: Workers’ New Bride

By Okanga Agila To most Nigerians, the approval of a new National Minimum Wage (NNW) by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari was unexpected. The time is very auspicious, much as it is relieving. It was a surprise package as most workers never anticipated it. This is garnered from the reality that Nigeria has just

When an Already Armed IMN Wants More Arms

By Philip Agbese _“They continue to say that we are armed. This is a blatant lie. If we are armed, Nigeria Army cannot face us. If we have weapons with us, Nigeria Army is too small to face us. With our courage, braveness and bare hands, they are running away, talk more of when we

USIP prediction on 2019 and Shehu Sani’s reactions

By Isaac Atuluku The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) has in line with its mandate to promote conflict resolution and conflict prevention worldwide conducted a research on the forthcoming general election in Nigeria with a view to identifying flash points and likely areas of conflicts. But based on its interactions with Nigerians in the

IMN Threat And The State’s Monopoly Of Violence

By Richard Murphy There must be a limit to deluding ourselves. Metamorphosis is real. The process moves from egg to larva to pupa and finally the adult insect emerges to do good or unleash evil. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria is at the verge of evolving to the adult stage of destruction – having gone

2019: Will Plateau Return To Egypt?

By Sunday Thomas These are very auspicious times. For states under induced violence and killings, there is every need to tramp with caution, because the political scavengers are back. They are on the prowl, enriched in more tricks and deceptions in the quest for power. Leadership of any state in Nigeria is quite difficult. It

Perry Brimah: A Narcissist That Lost His Marbles

BY LAWRENCE AUDU In a season when blind adoption of political correctness is dredging up the worst of human scum for drama effect, one Perry Brimah of ENDS (Every Nigeria Do Something) has taken his own narcissistic self-absorption to a new level by hallucinating that he is worthy of being Khashoggied. Brimah suddenly thinks he,

Buhari Is Still The Alternative To Buhari

By Anthony Kolawole Sometimes, I am lurched into serious thinking, just to discern the reasoning capacity of some Nigerians. Often, and with the next general election barely five months away, one is assailed with malicious and bitter criticisms of the three and a half years old administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. Whilst to his supporters,

2019: Is the Church for Sale?

By Monday Akogwu I am a strong advocate for the unity of churche s in Nigeria. This much I have highlighted in many forums in recent times. I am of the opinion that the church has a critical role to play in the entrenchment of good governance in any given society, Nigeria inclusive because everyone

Much Ado About PMB’S Certificate

By Philip Agbese Elections are around the corner again. Politicians and political parties are scheming on how to take over power or how to retain power in places where they are in charge, and therefore political shenanigans, propagandas, lies, outright falsehoods and even hate speeches are all on the increase at this time. These are

In Defence of Gov. el-Rufai Against Obi

By Molokwu Bonaventure Since former Anambra state Gov. Mr. Peter Obi was nominated the running mate of the 2019 PDP Presidential standard-bearer, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, so much noise is spurred by his candidature. What is more worrisome is the exhumation or somewhat re-appraisal of his eight years tenure as Governor as imagined stamp of his

That Plateau Pond of Death

By Philip Agbese When news filtered on the recovery of cars of victims from a mining pond in Dura Du, Jos, Plateau State, I was not surprised. I say this for two reasons. One is the fact that Du is an area made famous by the former governor of Plateau State, Da Jonah David Jang,

Boko Haram: Is this the end?

By Ifure Ataifure I have seen several barbs on my social media handles to the effect that the real people pulling the strings of the puppets called Boko Haram terrorists are busy with electioneering hence the lull in the group’s murderous activities. Of a truth, ongoing political activities are in full gear without a single

Re: The Boko Haram “technical defeat” ruse is unravelling

By Philip Agbese The above titled piece by Farooq Kperogi should actually be captioned “The Boko Haram “technical SUPPORT” ruse is unravelling” to acknowledge the heartbreak of those that had think their favourite killers’ squad would eternally torment the populace for their own amusement. It speaks to the constant media support that closet supporters of

That Timi Frank Needs Help

By Philip Agbese Appearance can be deceptive. With his scruffy looks, one time deputy spokesperson for the All Progressives Congress (APC), Timi Frank, strikes the posture of someone in need of at least one of the social security interventions of the APC government. But that is as far as it goes. Timi Frank play in