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Buratai: A Nation’s Iconic Army General

By David Omeje Some years ago, something remarkable happened to Nigeria. On July 13, 2015, precisely, the Commander-In-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces , President Muhammadu Buhari appointed an unassuming, but patriotic and loyal Army officer, Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusufu Buratai as the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), with a mandate to reposition the Nigerian

Nigerian Army Women Corp And Buratai’s Vision

By Funmi Omotosho I was caught in an euphoria I could not instantly explain, when I listened to the fervent voice of a young Nigeria Army officer, identified as Sergeant Blessing. She was addressing the Nigerian Army top brass and leaders of Nigeria at the recent Chief of Army Staff Conference (COASC) at Monguno, Borno


Brigadier General SK Usman Today Friday 6th July 2018, the Nigerian Army is celebrating its day for the year 2018, (NADCEL 2018) in Monguno, Borno State. This is unique and a sharp departure from the usual parade, combat march past, weaponry and equipment displays usually at the Eagle Square in Abuja or any of the

Who Is Afraid Of My Country, Nigeria?

By David Matthew The pursuit of knowledge and expansion of experiences have landed me in the United States of America for higher studies. But my temporary relocation to this foreign country has neither stolen my heart nor deprived me of my Africanness. In effect, I am proudly black and Nigerian. I endlessly pride in my

NEMA Stalemate As The Hand of Esau And Voice of Jacob

By Solomon Gowon Depression and nervousness are the bane of staff of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) on the fate that awaits them. Panicky directors and other staff facing the EFCC‘s noose are becoming more vicious in plots to obfuscate the truth and save their necks. The EFCC is probing the alleged siphoning of

Buratai, Nigerian Army And Trip Back To Roots

By David Onmeje It is no exaggeration that the evolution of modern Nigeria is inextricably tied to Great Britain. As former colonial masters of Nigeria, the most populous black nation on earth, the influence of Britain on the country’s national life is visible in multiple aspects. Some liberal thinkers conclude that whatever portrait Nigeria flaunts

Nwaoboshi and the burden of service

By Lucky Ogolime When some of us look back at Nigeria, most times we are tempted to believe the country is on some sort of ancestral curse. We are a people who do things differently from the rest of the world. It is unfortunate to say this, but we are more inclined to destruction and

Insurgency, Nigerian Army and a June Diary

By Prince Ugo The decision to pen this article came to me impromptu. I stumbled on a news item on an online medium, The Sun (UK), published February 18, 2018, which flashed a blistering news caption. It boldly read; “Terror, Exchange Programme: ISIS Commanders Sneaking Jihadis Into Nigeria From Syria to Train Them for Possible

Abu Shekau, So Gone Are Your Days of Agonies?

By Okanga Agila Terrorism is the world’s most lethal scourge. From 2009 till early 2015, when Nigerians tested its bitter pills, darkness hovered on the land. Gloom, agonies, pains, sorrows and grief watered the face of the nation. Each passing day was full of uncertainties and phobia about insecurity. In cities, villages and communities, there


By Ibrahim Abubakar A philanthropist per excellence born into the royal family, he has always had the kindness of heart that comes with a prince which translates to an apparent heir. An internationally renowned maritime and human rights lawyer and a true democrat that was at the front burner of human rights campaign during the

Borno 2019 and the Insanity Of Sen. Abba Aji on Boko Haram

BY BUKAR ABBA Sometimes, I get amazed at the thinking of some politicians who feel the electorate is unreasonable, and can always be betrayed, swayed, used and dumped at their whims and caprices. These leaders only find the people they have impoverished and exposed to devastating disasters as worthy partners during partisan times only. Nigeria