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Army University: The Vision and Geography

By: Bukar Raheem The plan by the Nigerian military to transform the Nigerian Army Institute of Technology and Environmental Studies NAITES in Makurdi, Benue State  into a specialized military university must be seen as a welcome development due to the advantages it evinces to the entire nation. Apart from the fact that the transformation will

The CDS and  coordination in the military ‎

By: Ebuka Ebuka Last year, when President Muhammadu Buhari extended the tenure of the Chief of Defence Staff, General Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin‎ for another year, it stood as a mark of the esteem he is held in the military and outside that almost all commended the president for the brilliant idea. It is also a projection of

The barrage of bile against Tambuwal

By Saifullahi Abubakar It is normal for a public figure, a successful one for that matter, to attract occasional sneer, derision or outright envy. But it is abnormal when such a thing is turned into an organised mob of muckrakers with a mandate to smear the target personality by every available spit they could get.


By: Ademola Adegboruwa Recent months have proven over and over again that Nigerians cannot afford to be complacent in how they protect our democracy; our very future and the wellbeing of future generations depend on it. It will be catastrophic if we are lulled into a false sense of security simply on account of our

Help! The military are coming back!

By MajiriOghene Etemiku Problems associated with human rights and development are Siamese twins. You can hardly separate the one from the other, especially in the developing world. Human rights are fundamental and inalienable, and they are the basis for development. Let’s face it, if there is no right to life, and if we cannot freely

Nigeria: Helping Buhari To Help Us

By: Okanga Agila Perception of Nigerians on leadership is often faulty. We most times, indulge in the error of judgment by feeling that every responsibility about leadership resides only on the leader of the federation. But this is extremely wrong and awkward thinking. We ignore the leaders at subordinated levels and in the case of

Biafra: When Enough Is Enough

By: Kenneth Kaunda Adamu In the wake of the Nigeria’s Civil War almost five decades ago a mistake that could well be hounding us all now was made. That mistake was in not addressing the emotional facet of the survivors, who no doubt suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PSTDs). The blame won’t go to anyone


By: John Paul Iloduba REPRESSION OF THE INNOCENT POPULATION OF NIGERIANS BY SEPARATISTS IN THE SOUTH-EAST: THE WORLD MUST ACT NOW On May 30, 2017 small businesses in Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Imo and Ebonyi were forced shut down by separatists as part of activities marking the 50th anniversary of the declaration of the moribund Biafra

Transparency Intl’s Apologetic Reversal on Nigeria

By: Richards Murphy Africans do not lose sight of the power of natural nemesis. I know, the strength in this expression alludes to the irrepressibility of the truth, much as the vindication of the innocent. Transparency International (TI), the self-acclaimed global anti-corruption watchdogs stirred the honest net again. I do not find it convincingly explicable

As Oloyede Demystifies JAMB’s UTME/ CBT Puzzle

By: Anthony Kolawole Nigerians should shout aloud, with thumps up in the air for Professor Is-haq Oloyede, the current Registrar of the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB). I say everybody should shout loud praises to him. Wait a minute! Why am I sounding like an incensed Pentecostal Pastor, whose tithe basket caught the biggest

Biafra: Dried Wound Licked For Too Long

By: Maxi Chidiebere Igbokwe Memories of two personalities of Southeastern origin have etched on the psyche of Igbo nation and on the mind of an average Igbo man in Nigeria, including myself. They are Chief Dr. Nnmadi Azikiwe, the Owelle of Onitsha and the Biafran warlord, Col. Chukwuemeka Odemegwu Ojukwu, the Ikemba of Nnewi. But

Nigerian Military: A Season of Openness And Probity

By: Uche John Madu My brain has got cracking again! All things being equal, I should be a happy Nigerian because my country, Nigeria is in a joyous mood, celebrating about 18 years of unobstructed democracy. It is the longest period ever in our beleaguered political history, as a nation, since independence in 1960 that

Biafra: Unveiling The True Enemies of Igbo Nation

By: Henry Chukwuemeka Udeh Nigeria is once more stampeded with so much hysteric hype about the Nnamdi Kanu-led Biafran separatist sect – the Indigenous Peoples of Biafran (IPOB). The granting of bail to Kanu last month appeared to have buoyed the pro-Biafran agitators who have issued fresh sit-at-home order to all Southeasterners on May 30.

Olonisakin: Celebrating A Shining Defence Gateman

By: Okanga Agila Every nation in the world strives for peace. A country at war with itself consciously and conspicuously plots its own ruination. It is the singular reason a leader of any nation hold the protection of lives and property of citizens very sacrosanct. The multiplicity of security agencies, even in Nigeria attests to