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Online Platforms and the Dangerous Quest for a Carte Blanc

By: Gabriel Onoja There is something worse than crying more than the bereaved. On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration as the President of the United States, a crowd anti-Trump protesters got unruly and clashed with Trump’s supporters and police in Washington DC. The police pepper sprayed the protesters and added chemical spray as deterrence.

UAD’s Untimed Anger, Doomed Protests

By: Ola S. Sanmi The United Action For Democracy (UAD) last week acted a drama of the absurd. The group assembled idle “area boys” in Lagos in the guise of protests against what it termed policies that exacerbated hardships on Nigerians by the administration of President Muhammedu Buhari (PMB). The only effect of the UAD

The Uniqueness in 2017 Armed Forces Remembrance Day

By: Uche John Madu “We do not know this hero’s name. We do not know where he was born. We do not know where he lived and when he chose to leave the comfort of his home to go in defense of our territorial integrity. His, was an assignment motivated by the love for the

Sambisa Forest and Lessons from the Air

By: Philip Agbese The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Information, finally did what it should have done a long time ago. It this week took the convener of Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) group and former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, co-Convener Aisha Yesufu, spokesman for the Chibok community, Manasseh Allen and Ibrahim Usman

Army’s Frustration, Premium Times’ Sabotage

By: Bukar Raheem Two angry letters later, the relationship between the Nigerian Army and online newspaper, Premium Times has taken on some clarity. They have both threatened to take legal actions against each other but the Army’s letter, which came first is the one that gives one concerns. Some Nigerians would by now be ruing

Nigerians, After The Victory On Terrorism, Who Wins The Peace?

By: Abdulkadir Inuwa Suleiman Many Nigerians are still in limbo about the prevailing peace and the end signals of anti-terrorism campaigns, which Nigerian troops have spiritedly battled in the last one year to extract from Luciferic terrorists. But it is time to wake up to the piercing lights of reality. It was in the media

Nigerian Army and Premium Times’ Patriotism Contest

By: Philip Agbese “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” ― Alexander Pope Even when we had always known that half knowledge is dangerous, nothing proves it better than the present scenario of the patriotism context between the Nigerian Army and Premium Times, an online newspaper. The Nigerian Army had written to the newspaper to

Campaign For Democracy’s Disgusting Slight of Nigerian Army

By: Israel Abiodun Again, as it is customary with Nigerians, some online media platforms were recently awash with the disgusting news that Nigerian Army’s special yuletide security vigilance in the Southeast region, code named Operation Python Dance (OPD) has sniffed life out of over 2000 Igbo youths in just one month of its operation. The

Opportunities for Buhari’s anti-corruption after Ibori

By Dulaa Alaamu Since the return of James Onanefe Ibori from serving time in a British jail, most people from Delta state have been vilified and insulted for ‘celebrating’ the return of the former governor of Delta state, James Ibori. Well, everyone in Nigeria is entitled to their opinion. What makes the entitlement to your

Year 2017 Resolution The South East Should Make

By: Charles Ibekwe It is usual for people to have resolutions with the arrival of a New Year and the several groups claiming to represent the interests of the Igbo nation in southeast Nigeria would do well to announce realistic resolutions for the year 2017. The resolutions should centre around advancing the geo-ethnic agenda without

Fayose’s Final Assault On Himself

By: Bukar Raheem No one expected Nigeria to become such a bad and almost inhabitable country, within a short time and so fastened to a stalk, ready to hang itself. None ever expected it. But the day and the hour hover on the heads and shadows of every Nigerian presently. And nowhere is the heat

The Yoruba Media War Against President Buhari and His Aides

By: Okanga Agila Nigerians frequently abuse the liberties democracy confers on the citizenry, especially the freedom of expression. Hardly do people realize that their inalienable right to freedom of expression as guaranteed by the Constitution of Nigeria, places on them the responsibility of truthful engagements of other Nigerians, which excludes and frowns at the brazen

Who is Afraid of the AGF’s Investigation?

By: Philip Agbese President Muhammadu Buhari’s directive to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), Abubakar Malami (SAN) to investigate the involvement of any top government officials accused of any wrong-doing for prosecution if found liable is at risk of going the way of past probe that yielded little or no

Open letter to Buratai, army

SIR: It is with unimaginable tears of joy that I express my hearty congratulations on your victory against the deadly Boko Haram sect. The entire country has been thrown to a hysterical moment with the news of this victory. Big congratulations to you and our gallant soldiers who achieved this great feat. Words really can’t

Demystification of Sambisa Forest and Nigerians’ Pride In Buratai

By: Okanga Agila No lexicon can appropriately reflect the mood in Nigeria at the moment. But the gale of jubilation and torrents of accolades from all and sundry have explained the ecstasy more vividly than anything else. Nigerians are so elated because eventually, the Nigerian Army has completed its mission of obliterating terrorists, by its

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