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Understanding Military Operations as Safeguard of State

By Ibrahim Abubakar ‎ In the most recent times, we have had to welcome diverse operations from ‘Operation Lafiya Dole’ meaning ‘Operation peace by force’, ‘Operation Harbin Kunama’ meaning ‘Operation Scorpion Sting’ to Operation Egwu Eke, which translates into ‘operation Python Dance’, etc, all out to address issues that affect the general well-being of the

My advice to President Buhari

By Rev. Fr. Evaristus Bassey I was really afraid when President Buhari was ill and away for that long. I worried that if anything terminal happened to him, Nigeria would be in for it, for already conspiracy theories were rife that he was poisoned and there were rumours of certain youths swearing to avenge his

Harnessing Gains of the 2017 Global Terrorism Index

By Richards Murphy The Global Terrorism Index 2017 published by the Institute for Economics and Peace is one report that have excited Nigerians, home and abroad, and for good reasons too. The report indicated that terrorism related deaths fell by more than 80% for year 2016. There are other positives for Nigeria embedded in the

Buhari’s tall ranking on terror war

By OKANGA AGILA Without mincing words, I did like to confess publicly that I am one Nigerian who believes in President Muhammedu Buhari. I am not his partisan adherent, but my admiration for him as a person and now leader of Nigeria blossoms everyday like a flower. Buhari is awesomely an intriguing leader and to

Naija’s Moonlight Camp Chats from the North-East

By Uche John Madu In the deepest recesses of Naija’s Northeast, quiet mountains and hills in the underbelly of Adam state quaked vigorously. Sounds of artillery fire and gunpowder competed in distilling insanity and sanctity. Birds revolted by chirruping voices of dissent against the Boko criminal gangs. They polluted the eerie, breezy evening by terminating

2017, Nigerian Army And Memorable Service To Nationhood

By Nkechi Odoma The familiar Nigerian jargon, “ember” months signify several things to most Nigerians, especially, those in big or miniature leadership positions in the country. The birth of a new year comes with multiple expectations and resolutions at personal and official levels. New Years are new in the sense of fresh focus, resolves, fresh


By Hezekiah Silas Olu “A Leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves” – Lao Tzu Indeed, the words of this great Chinese Philosopher continue to impact the affairs of men today, and to him who has understanding and

Once Upon a Time before Buhari

By Angula Jessica “When it comes to value, no one talks a better game than those in communications. It’s our business, after all. But when it comes to measuring leadership competencies and effectiveness, nothing speaks louder than the bottom line.” Anonymous The above analogy perfectly fits the Nigerian state under the leadership of President Muhammadu

When Dr. Ahmed’s CUPS of Lies Overflows

By Jerry Ochada Ajogwu CUPS – Citizens United for Peace and Stability, is everything but what it claims to be because nothing from its antecedents hints at unity and neither has it shown any propensity for peace or stability. If anything, the man around whom the entire contraption revolves, Dr. Idris Ahmed, has repeatedly engaged

The Veiled Haunting Stench In Idris Ahmed

By Bukar Raheem Unpatriotic forces hatch fresh trouble for Nigeria every day. The battle from paid moles, morphing into forlorn dissenting elements and veiled agents of destabilization of the country are waxing stronger than combats in the trenches. A resentful character identified as Dr. Idris Ahmed, ostensibly oozing with the putrefying stench of a pigsty

Amnesty International is this the end?

By Richards Murphy The world is confronting new realities as hitherto power bases succumb to the excessive clout they have built around themselves as communication becomes more democratized, liberalized and diversified. This unravelling extends beyond nations once considered superpowers or corporations deemed too big to fail to now encompass once assumed neutral non-governmental organization, Amnesty

That UN Boko Haram Hoax

By Yusuf Msheliza I know the United Nations Organization (UN) as a serious-minded umbrella body and assemblage of nations of the world in the pursuit of common good for humanity across the globe. It has been visible, especially in times of armed conflicts of global dimension affecting member-states. And anywhere the UN berths its shadows,

Wildfires at your doorstep

By Michael Kodas This year has seen an explosion of wildfires that have set records for death and destruction from California to Kansas. As the smoke continues to clear from the deadly flames that swept across parts of California’s wine country, history and the reality on the ground suggest the threat will grow only worse,

Odumakin: When Activism Is Enslaved By Sinister Motives

By Sabo Odeh To say the least, I am amused, with the apparent self-contradiction by Comrade Yinka Odumakin, a veiled politician, masquerading as a social activist of the Afenifere stuff. He has just pierced himself with a sharp knife. In a published piece captioned “What is wrong with Buratai’s Army,” Odumakin , was on a