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Nwaoboshi and the burden of service

By Lucky Ogolime When some of us look back at Nigeria, most times we are tempted to believe the country is on some sort of ancestral curse. We are a people who do things differently from the rest of the world. It is unfortunate to say this, but we are more inclined to destruction and

Insurgency, Nigerian Army and a June Diary

By Prince Ugo The decision to pen this article came to me impromptu. I stumbled on a news item on an online medium, The Sun (UK), published February 18, 2018, which flashed a blistering news caption. It boldly read; “Terror, Exchange Programme: ISIS Commanders Sneaking Jihadis Into Nigeria From Syria to Train Them for Possible

Abu Shekau, So Gone Are Your Days of Agonies?

By Okanga Agila Terrorism is the world’s most lethal scourge. From 2009 till early 2015, when Nigerians tested its bitter pills, darkness hovered on the land. Gloom, agonies, pains, sorrows and grief watered the face of the nation. Each passing day was full of uncertainties and phobia about insecurity. In cities, villages and communities, there


By Ibrahim Abubakar A philanthropist per excellence born into the royal family, he has always had the kindness of heart that comes with a prince which translates to an apparent heir. An internationally renowned maritime and human rights lawyer and a true democrat that was at the front burner of human rights campaign during the

Borno 2019 and the Insanity Of Sen. Abba Aji on Boko Haram

BY BUKAR ABBA Sometimes, I get amazed at the thinking of some politicians who feel the electorate is unreasonable, and can always be betrayed, swayed, used and dumped at their whims and caprices. These leaders only find the people they have impoverished and exposed to devastating disasters as worthy partners during partisan times only. Nigeria

Nigerian Army’s Revengeful Outing On Amnesty Intn’l

By Prince Ugo What defines the fullness of life is freedom and liberty to exist. Even animals are conscious of it. Those who enjoy freedom hardly appreciate the blessings of that small, but unquantifiable grace of God Almighty, until it is severed. A caged being is undoubtedly, the most melancholic soul anyone can encounter. His

TY Danjuma’s Falsehood Gospel Abroad

BY Musa Fomson One would have thought that, Lt General TY Danjuma (retired) has sunken to the lowest possible for any mortal but he continues to surprise even himself by continuing to dig deep, even after striking the bottom of the moral abyss into which he has plunged himself. In his twilight, this old man,

NEMA Controversy: Boxing Shadows, Clawing Hunger

By Jeremiah Ajogwu The House of Representatives continue to excel at its chosen pastime of time wasting as it presses ahead with its investigation of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), as it made it even clearer that the probe is not about accountability but strictly about nailing the agency’s Director General, Engineer Mustapha Yunusa

Exorcising the PDP Spirit in Dogara

By Dan Enyi Nigeria’s main opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has something mysterious about it. As a political party, its name invokes the feeling of nausea and destruction anywhere it is echoed. One can easily conclude that what’s in a name, after all, it’s just mere alphabets. But strangely, for PDP, even the human

AI as obstacle to Nigeria’s war on terrorism

  By Adah Ocholi Before the Iraqi War of 1991 there was a report of Iraqi soldiers ‘throwing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators’. That story was a fabrication of no other than Amnesty International, an international non-governmental organization (NGO) that says it is “campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all”. Amnesty

When Dogara’s Hate for PMB Becomes a Religion

By Charles Ibekwe Speaker of the House of Representatives, Right Honourable Yakubu Dogara is a man in desperate need of help before he drowns in his own bile. His Hatred for President Muhammadu Buhari has crossed the bounds of obsession and now borders on being a religion, a pathetic belief that relevance in the contemporary

Benue, Ortom and Governance Failure

By Ali Agada Certainly, Nigerians now know there is a serious leadership deficit in Benue state. Since Governor Samuel Ortom assumed the mantle of leadership of this agrarian state in May 2015, peace and progress have eluded the 42-year old state very pathetically. Whether it is by fate, ill-luck or design, what is incontestable is