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Like Catalonia Like Biafra II

By Philip Agbese The projects were dead on arrival. Their only beneficiaries were the so called separatist leaders, who used the agitation for secession to bilk unsuspecting donors, sponsors, financers and backers even when they knew from the onset that what they were offering their followers has lesser value than a snake oil cure. They

PR As Potent Weapon In Terrorism Warfare

By Jessica Angula Terrorism wars are generally acknowledged as very difficult to prosecute on account of its asymmetrical nature. Terrorists and their sympathizers or sponsors have manifold tactics they deploy to operate with maximum safety, prolong terrorism wars and project insurgency as triumphing against the forces of state. And one of its greatest weapons has

X-raying PMB’s Symbolic Visit to Operation Lafiya Dole

By Bukar Raheem To say, I was infinitely inspired by President Muhammadu Buhari’s endearing remarks on the counter-insurgency campaigns in Nigeria’s Northeast and the laudable efforts of the Nigerian military in curtailing the menace of Boko Haram Terrorism (BHT) in his 2017 Independence Day speech to Nigerians is to put it mildly. I was so

Buratai’s Everyday Success Syndrome

By Esther Okpabi Nigerians are witnessing rare changes in the country from all angles under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. Even the Armed Forces which were confined to the unsavoury history of neglect are experiencing positive changes. He has demonstrated that the military is not only good for the trenches alone, but also deserve

Will Nigeria treat drug addicts any better?

By Eseosa Cole Nigeria is a place where we choose to believe that drug abuse/dependence is alien to our culture. The prevalence of drug abuse is actually very high in Nigeria and it is an epidemic that is ravaging Nigeria. I personally carried out a research and found out drug use OF cocaine, cannabis, tranquillisers

Amnesty International’s New Face of Shame

By Anthony Kolawole Nigerians have a penchant for treating serious issues with annoying levity. It is more gratifying now to say, the critics, commentators, rights groups and civil society organizations in the country are yet to come to full wakefulness over Amnesty International’s (AI) absurd and malicious propaganda against Nigeria have been rendered another chance

ALGON: Sustaining Project Comprehensive Local Agriculture Plan (C-LAP) and the new initiative

By Philip Agbese C-LAP being a Comprehensive Agricultural Plan for Local Government Areas and a blueprint for agricultural revolution. ​ PREAMBLE: The partnership entered into by the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON) and a consortium of five world class reputable firms and institutions which birthed the Project Comprehensive Local Agriculture Plan (C-LAP) has

Egwu Eke II: Soldier, Na Our True Friend!

By Nkechi Odoma Before now, screaming the word soldiers anywhere in Nigeria would attract instant public panic and hysteria. Nigerian military and especially soldiers had a disgusting public aura. They had an unenviable tag as unfriendly professionals, brutes, barbaric and torturers of civilians. It was bloody for a “bloody civilian” to inspire military instincts in

Nigeria And NADECO’s Absurd Mouthing

By Okanga Agila Democracy in Nigeria is a precious gift to every Nigerian. That it has survived uninterrupted for over 17 years, since its return in 1999 is a big plus to the active players of the game and every other Nigerian. It is more a plus and applause to the Nigerian military under the

The 2017 Resolution South East Should Make

By Nkechi Odoma It is usual for people to have resolutions with the arrival of a New Year and the several groups claiming to represent the interests of the Igbo nation in southeast Nigeria would do well to announce realistic resolutions for the year 2017. The resolutions should centre around advancing the geo-ethnic agenda without

Egwu Eke: Between Kanu and Jollof Rice

By Okanga Agila Genuine freedom fighters anywhere in the world are known for a definite character. They fight and remain in personified expressions in words and actions. They do not run away; they do not go into hiding and dump adherents to languish in sorrow alone. Social activists have their fate sealed by the beliefs


By Emmanuel Otairu There is bad, there is disaster and there is HURIWA, Human Rights Writers Association. HURIWA is alleging extralegal killings in the implementation of Operation Python Dance II in the southeast geo-political zone and thinks that this is a justification for decentralizing the nation’s military assets. Before attempting an understanding of the outlandish

Re: Buhari, Buratai, And The Python Panacea

By Idoko Ainoko One Emmanuel Ugwu wrote and published the article “Buhari, Buratai, and the Python Panacea” that has been published on several online platforms. Ugwu should be commended for this piece not because it was a work of art or some remarkable masterpiece but because in that single rant he was able to lay