‘Arise and defend your land’ — the statement that made DSS go after Plateau pastor

The Department of State Services (DSS) attempted to arrest Isa El-Buba, general overseer of the Evangelical Outreach Ministries International, Plateau state, earlier in the week.

Operatives of the secret police were said to have invaded the residence and church of the cleric but youth in Jos, the state capital, prevented his arrest.

Addressing journalists after the DSS move, El-Buba said he was summoned by the DSS for criticising President Muhammadu Buhari.

What were Buba’s exact words? Below is the transcription of the video where he criticised Buhari:

I don’t want you Nigerians to be deceived by anybody, this year is the year we decide the fate of Nigeria. Nigeria cannot be ruined by the wickedness of a wicked leader. When the righteous reigns, the people rejoice; when the wicked reigns, the people suffer. The killing that is going on in Nigeria shows the irresponsibility of the president called Buhari and Buhari returning back to that seat, we will fight it to a standstill.

Every Nigerian, you must get your voter’s card. We will not use AK47, we will not use weapons, we will use our weapon. This voters card is our weapon. Hear me now, you must decide your fate, don’t allow wicked politicians, don’t allow wicked men to decide your fate in Nigeria; enough is enough! Our children will not continue to suffer; graduates upon graduates, there is no future. How can your president, with the killing of a pregnant woman, innocent children slaughtered, your president could not carry his private jet to go and see with his eyes what is happening. When his son crashed with a motorbike, he went to the hospital to see his son. All Nigerians are supposed to be the children of the president, if anything happens to one, it happens to all. It’s not religion, it’s not about Islam or Christianity, it’s not about party now; we must decide that a new Nigeria must be born.

I am challenging every Nigerian, wake up from your sleep. It’s not religion, it’s not about party, it’s about your fate. His time is over, you cannot wait for the military or the police. I am speaking to every village, don’t carry laws into your hands but defend yourself, gather yourself. It is better to fight and die than to die a coward. There is only one life, fight a fight of fate, defend your territory, enough is enough. It is time to decide whether Nigeria or Nigerians belong to these Fulani herdsmen. I challenge you this January and February, go and get your voters card. We must remove governors who are not serving the interest of God, you must remove senators, members of the house. Whether Christian or Muslim, we want the ones that will serve the purpose of God. Enough is Enough, God bless Nigeria, God bless Nigerians, God will bring down the Goliath. Don’t be afraid of anyone, defend your country. There is one life, no devil can take your life so don’t be afraid. Don’t allow anyone to buy you. We are more than enough, the time of revolution has come.

Any president that does not believe that Nigeria has to be restructured, economy has to be restructured, we don’t need him. Arise Nigeria and defend your land.

See video below.