Avengers suspend ceasefire, vow to cripple oil sector

The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) has announced a suspension of its ceasefire with the federal government.

In a statement on Friday, Murdoch Agbinibo, the group’s spokesman, said the group would renew hostilities.

The militant said the fresh attacks would be worse than those of 2016.

“We can assure you that every oil installation in our region will feel the warmth of the wrath of the Niger Delta Avengers,” the statement read.

Before the peace deal, activities of the group made Nigeria’s oil production to reach its lowest level in at least 30 years.

The government had expressed delight over the deal, which saw Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo touring the region.

But Agbinibo said Niger Delta elders under the umbrella of Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) fell for the antics of the federal government, which is “only interested in our oil”.

“To the elders of the Niger Delta, PANDEF, we warned you against the antics of the Nigerian government yet you requested a chance to broker a new vision for our people; we told you and the rest of the world that the Nigerian government is only interested in our oil wells and not our well being yet you told us the signs are different this time around,” he said.

SOURCE: The Cable