Don’t expect miracles, Buhari support group tells Nigerians

The Buhari Support Group Centre (BSGC) has told those Nigerians who expect dramatic change in the country when President elect, General Muhamadu Buhari takes over, to first have a change of attitude, mentality and behaviour.

At a media briefing on Wednesday in Abuja, Director General of the group, Umaru Dembo, emphasised that rather than expect miracles from Buhari, Nigerians should first expect miracles from themselves because the economy is already grounded.

He said: “People who expect miracles from the General must first expect miracles from themselves. This change cannot only come from him; people must change, they must avoid tribalism, ethnicity and corruption in all facets.

“We must help Nigeria if the change we voted for is to succeed, we cannot rely upon the leader of the change for all the change we need; we must help him and all those that make the leadership team to change Nigeria.”

Dembo added that if every Nigerian will cooperate with one another in every sphere and activity, with all the abundant resources, then Nigeria will flourish as a country full of progress and development like other countries in the third world that have now prospered and gone ahead of us.

He urged Nigerians to be patient with the president elect as the system has collapsed.

The Director-General of the group further appealed to Nigerians to vote with the same zeal during the April 11 Governorship and State Assembly polls as they voted the new president into power.

He said: “Next year by this time, it will be jubilation with good infrastructures, lawful and unthreatening atmosphere in towns and villages, friendliness, prosperity and a new life where the government and people are working for the interest of all.”

Also speaking at the briefing, the BSGC National Cordinator South, Pastor Folorunsho Longe said things will begin to work in the next six months.

“Things will start working, there will be signs of change. An egalitarian society is what we are going to witness,” he said.

On her part, the All Progressives Congress (APC) State Women Leader, Rivers state, Evangelist Caroline Nagbo, assured women that they will be “better off” in the new dispensation.

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