Exclusive Governance and Scapegoatism

By Emeka Obieke

When history beckoned on President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) to midwife a peaceful, inclusive transition after last year’s presidential election, he turned his back and decided to go the divisive, vindictive and exclusive way.

This has resulted in the disruptions and upheavals we are witnessing today in our polity.

During PMB’s visit to the United States last year, he made it clear that he will take care of those states that voted for him with ninety five percent resources at his disposal. The opposition states that did not vote for him would get mere five percent.

He made tribalism and nepotism the driving force behind the first appointments he made. The three geopolitical zones in the north and south west were rewarded with federal appointments while the south east and south south were marginalised.

Democracy was redefined as government of northerners, by northerners for northerners. This emboldened the northern cattle rearers to unleash mayhem on their perceived political enemies, because their brother, a fellow cattle rearer, is now oga at the top.

The change government came with a sole agenda-fighting corruption. Then things began to fall apart because Nigerians saw through the charade and challenged the government to take governance seriously. That was when the blame game became elevated to official government policy.

The failure of presidential body language, scarcity of fuel, epileptic power supply, inconclusive elections, inconclusive budget, Agatu and Nimbo massacres, and failure of government to deliver the dividends of democracy were all blamed on the whipping boy-Mr. SCAPEGOAT.

O yes, blame GEJ (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan), PDP, saboteurs, mafia, pipeline vandals, foreign Fulani herdsmen, ‘ frenemies’ and political enemies…but do not dare to blame Oga at the Top because he is busy fighting corruption 24/7 and does not have time to govern the country after the usual globetrotting exercise. In this dispensation, the buck no longer stops at the table of the boss.

This is the first year of a four year marathon. If only the president can change his ways and go the inclusive and peaceful way, it will unify the country and bring the best out of Nigerians. But can a left-handed old man become right-handed overnight? It will tantamount to a leopard changing its spots.

The APC that promised to hit the ground running when they take over power went into slumber since hand over last year.

Nigerians have had enough of empty promises and sloganeering. The election campaigns are over and APC should roll up their sleeves and work for Nigeria.

Obieke, a Public Affairs commentator sent in this piece from Abuja