Group seeks sack of CMDs of Health Centres appointed by Jonathan

President Mohammadu Buhari has been called upon to embark on the reform of all Federal Medical Centre, FMC, across the country.
A civil society organisation, Seventh Force in a letter to the president, dated January 8th, 2018, also called for the immediate sack of the Chief Medical Director of FMC, Makurdi, Dr Peteru Inunduh.
The Seventh Force is a group of nonpartisan patriots with membership across the country.
The group in the letter signed by Mr. Folarin Odusote, president of the association and obtained by The Nigerian News said the group has diligently followed issues in the polity and have come to the conclusion that Nigerians are more concerned about the parlous state of healthcare delivery even more than security and economic issues. “From the latest survey conducted by the Seventh Force, we have found that the Federal Medical Centres across the country have become deathtraps to Nigerians on account of how they are being run.
“The conduct of many, if not all, of the Chief Medical Directors of these centres underscores the urgent need to reform them to address the hardship they put Nigerians through for Your Excellency to deliver on campaign promises made to Nigeria”
Thee group accused the medical directors of sabotaging the efforts of the president to deliver on democracy dividends. To the people.
The group said, “Majority of these Medical Directors have demonstrated the highest level of incompetence and ineptitude in the administration of the centres, which has resulted in the facilities being closed to the public for extended period of time owing to industrial actions by workers’ unions, shortage of consumables and other ills that are inimical to their ability to meet the healthcare needs of Nigerians.
“The Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi has become the classical example and proof that Mr. President cannot continue to harbour agents of darkness and expect that the health sector can function optimally. They are acting as deliberate saboteurs to ruin the administration”, Odusote said.
The group accused the CMDs of being involved in corruption, financial recklessness and abuse of public funds that have been repeatedly swept under the carpet because the Chief Medical Directors use their positions to silence would be whistleblowers who are often victimized until they comply to a code of silence instituted by them.
“In some instances, strikes called by unions are not unconnected with the corrupt acts they witness under the Chief Medical Director. This trend has been a bane of the Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi to an extent that Nigerians are now questioning if such brazen incidence of sustained corruption could be taking place unchallenged under Your Excellency’s Presidency”, he also said.