How APC corrupts INEC, judiciary, Sagay reveals … says Buhari not sincere about anti-corruption fight

Head of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption to President Muhammadu Buhari and renowned constitutional lawyer, Professor Itse Sagay has revealed that the President’s party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) is more corrupt than the ousted People’s Democratic Party (PDP).
He said in an interview with the Nigerian Tribune that the APC is peopled by very clever and highly intelligent, as well as criminally minded people taking advantage of any slightest opportunity or loophole unlike the PDP. “I am telling you sincerely, you can hardly beat them in such an issue.”
Speaking on the knotty issues of the Kogi governorship election and other political cases before the courts in Nigeria, Sagay said most of the political judgements in court now will be tilting in favour of the APC because they are in power.
He said in Kogi State, the most eligible person to have been used to replace the late Abubakar Audu in the supplementary election was Audu’s running mate, James Faleke but because a powerful caucus felt he would not listen to them, the powers that be within the party manipulated the whole situation against him.
Alleging that the judiciary is being manipulated by the executive, he said the independence of the judiciary is just a mere saying.
“For instance, a judge can be fired by the person (the President) that puts him there if he gives a judgement that is not pleasing to his party. And because the judge is still interested in his job, he will want to act to the script.”
He also alleged that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is being seriously compromised by the politicians in power.
“I am very close to some of their top officials somehow and I know that they dance to the tune of the politicians, especially the incumbents. For instance in Kogi, before the election, the people and key PDP stalwarts did not support the candidacy of Idris Wada. However, the APC should not have got that kind of votes. And when that kind of thing happens, that is the loophole INEC takes advantage of to the advantage of whoever it wants to support. People still buy INEC and that is the truth. For instance in Lagos State, no other party win except the APC.”
Sagay also alleged that all INEC officials in Lagos State are under the payroll of a powerful politician and leader of the APC.
“All the INEC officials in Lagos are on the payroll of someone who will ask you what it takes to win. Someone who is ready to give you more than you ask for. It is everywhere but it depends on who can spend more.”
He also did not spare the Department of State Service (DSS) and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) saying the institutions lack integrity.
He said: “Immediately President Buhari got to Aso Rock, the EFCC and DSS, as if they have not existed before, began to arrest and do all sort of things.
“But if you look at it holistically, are they saying it is only PDP governors and public office holders that are corrupt? No. One thing is that they are doing whatever they are doing to please the President, who can hire and fire them. Which of the governors out of the 36 States is not corrupt? So, why is it that only PDP people are being chased up and down? The anti-corruption crusade is being selective.”
Accusing President Buhari of lack of seriousness in his anti-corruption campaign, he said all others in APC who are stealing should also be chased adding that his party men will do a job meant for N50billion for N100billion.
“It is only then that the fight against corruption can be seen as fair and balanced. When there is no equity and justice, people will begin to doubt your integrity in whatever you are pursuing.
“For instance, if we recall 1983 when Buhari/Idiagbon came to office, immediately they knew there was corruption, they changed Nigerian currency so that all the people that had stolen money and kept it at home had such rendered useless and all corrupt officials were arrested.
“But you also have to remember that Ambrose Ali died in prison, Adelakun who was deputy governor to Bola Ige died in prison, Olabisi Onabanjo developed kidney problem in prison. Most of these people were Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) governors. But in whose house was N50million cash belonging to the government found? That person was only given a house arrest, because he is a Northerner. No Northerner was treated the way they treated the Southern governors.
“That is why as much as I know President Buhari, his sincerity is not total.
“If you remember the case of 53 suit cases, Abubakar Atiku was the Customs Officer in charge and it was through the back door that they used to bring in the suit cases to Nigeria. But they were intercepted; when Atiku wanted to make trouble about it, he was sacked by President Buhari and nothing was done.
“Our anti-graft fight is cosmetic; we are not serious about it, I must be sincere with you. What people don’t know is that APC is more corrupt, they will defraud Nigerians more than the PDP.”


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  1. kunle Kuseju said:

    Impossible to believe this is from the professor. Waiting for a disclaimer.

    • Tamuno said:

      You want him to say the contrary before you know it is from him . Let’s wait for disclaimer.

    • josef said:

      Those awaitig a disclaimer are those who are permanently unable decifer true from lie… until after sometime it dawns on them.The profs discovery is welcome.Meanwhile, the prof did work for the enthronement of the all peoples corrupt party (APC)..then he was blind….. but now he can see…thank God. The peoples demolition party(PDP) which the prof now tell us is better or was better, what is he suggesting?If the prof is serious,he shld first resign his presidential office & then come tell us more of what he knows of Mr tinubu’s conquest of Nigeria’s judiciary.

    • RABIU said:

      This is a concocted interview. Prof sagay had denied it and Nigerian tribune had already apologise and the brown envelope journalist who published the concocted interview had been sacked. Handiwork of looters

    • nana said:

      Kindly keep quiet. Did he lie? Or do you not know that Buhari is selective in his approach to fighting corruption.
      Thank God I did not cast my votes at the last election for the dickhead president.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Your comment…He is just saying what we saw happened during PDP’s rule.

  3. Dape said:

    Your comment…
    …i knew it will not end well between buhari and Prof Sagay bcos buhari was going to disappoint him.It is just starting….

  4. Charles said:

    This is a true talk before now I knew his plan he will only try to be simple but inside of him he is coward.Sincerely speaking the man havr nothing to offer to this great nation than deceit.If somebody can be telling a whole nation that it is only PDP people that are corrupt is that not obviours enough to know that its only his enemy he is after.Remember Dasuki impact in 1983 and Saraki’s father too then.So who is deceiving who?

  5. mathew said:

    Kindly provide the date Tribune published this so called interview was granted.

  6. Anonymous said:

    Your comment…Buari is only fighting the opponents ,n critics ,what of those corrupt men that sponsored his election , see the way verdict is being passed against the opponent, nobody wil be in the office forever , time wil surely tell, today everybody is talking good about Jonathan even in oversees for ta

    ing courage to handover to the opposition ,but can
    . this president do that , I’m not so sure base on what I’m seeing on ground

    • martha said:

      Dey r power driving pple so dey won’t handover to another party except theirs cos dey believe dey r d only saints in dis country

  7. Alawiye Musodiq said:

    I admire a factual write up like this and if we can get eminent personalities like this saying the truth in our Society, Nigeria will definitely change to the desired lives of our dreams.

  8. Lawal said:

    When was this interview published? Could one junk out from nowhere.

  9. Anonymous said:

    Arrant nonsense. This is obviously a false report. How come no other media is carrying this story? The corrupt people who looted this country are obviously fighting back but surely we shall retrieve our country back from them by the Grace of Gof.

  10. luqman adeoti said:

    I want to urge president buhari not to selective with corruption all Nigerian politician were corrupted. Pls try to probe all former governors, senators, presidents, ministers from 1984 up-to-date . if true you wanted to wash away corruption in Nigeria.

  11. Abdul said:

    I urge president Buhari,to pleases continues and live no toes un touch.sentiment should be removed and let everyone face the music.We should not believe in any party’s at this time around.If actually there’s an interview of such.we believe God that was why we voted him.but If he disappoint us we most live him for God,which I know they will all account for.just for those that knows it.

  12. Anonymous said:

    Though not a supporter of APC. But This write up is far below the intellectual capacity expected of a Prof like Sagay.

  13. prince said:

    D intellectual capacity in a prof, particularly a sound legal luminary is what prof Sagay has displayed, if he truly granted that interview. Other newspaper could not have used it becos it was exclusively an interview with the Tribune. We all welcome d fight against corrupt but what we dislike is d selective approach to it. Those who are in today are known enemies of PMB. Buhari should be told not to use his God given position to hunt down carry-over enemies and even those who do not support his elections are been targeted.

  14. Patrick Iroegbu said:

    No illness is cured unless it is properly diagnosed and assessed for adequate treatment steps with available resources and facilities. Buhari came into office with a bogus view to fight corruption without a strategy and institution to execute it fairly. The more he talks of fighting corruption as political objective, the more he slips down into the malaise of the same institutionalized crime.

    Elsewhere I had commented that when a leader lies himself or herself into a political office to manage humans and resources with a claim of knowing how to do things, sooner or later, the leader will become a crap due to incompetence and disorder. He had been identified as showing no way that Nigeria has a president up to now.

    Corruption is so systemic and institutionalized in Nigeria that a smart president will need to go to the deep ocean for the big fish first. Selective fight against corruption like President Obasanjo did in his regime tells the mindset of a military vendetta than the application of a democratic process for equity and justice. We are too far from getting there.

  15. olatunji said:

    What do expect from a rotten judge like sagay, posterity will judge you

  16. Iya said:

    Billions of dollars made for buying amunitions to fight insurgency were been diverted and were been shared & distributed before the Presidential election withing PDP’s.Some governors & formal governors were not part of them that’s why they don’t benefit from it. Some APC members who are currupt eg bukola will be next soon. So issue of been sellective is not clearified.

  17. Jokolo said:

    I am surprised that it is even becoming a crime to express or point out facts and evidence with this present dispensation. They have got to be perfect by some peoples measurement. This is not about sagi but Nigeria, please think and if you can think you will stink

  18. A w Balogun said:

    PDP is now fighting back, Is the prof. saying that all these revelations concerning arms deal and related corrupt practices during president Jonthan regime were fabricated? The prof is not serious, because he is a prof. he has the brain to think for people. Let the next regime probe President Buhari,s govt. The prof is a confussionist ,

  19. Dany said:

    Prof has nothing to say probably he have cheated somewhere for a deal he participated. Why didn’t he say this before now.

  20. RABIU said:

    This is a concocted interview. Prof sagay had denied it and Nigerian tribune had already apologise and the brown envelope journalist who published the concocted interview had been sacked. Handiwork of looters

  21. Anonymous said:

    I read all what he said and ma reply was one day someone yo never know will stand up against yo all politicians and yo shall be doomed….
    Please don’t believe dat in dis life time one by one yo shall be put to shame and died unsatisfactory yo all mutherfucker.
    I split to yo all politicians

  22. Anonymous said:

    Please my people, Let the Almighty God we claim to serve be the final arbiter. Time shall tell.

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