I’m not lesbian or bisexual, I am just who I am, says former Falcons star, Cynthia Uwak

Cynthia Uwak, the former Super Falcons and Åland United FC of Finland striker, has responded to stories and rumours that she is either lesbian or bi-sexual. Uwak, one of the most decorated African female players, told TheCable that she does not care about people’s impression of her.

Uwak, 29, excelled in African football, played at the 2007 Women’s World Cup and the 2008 Olympics. She also showcased her talents across female football leagues in Europe, winning several laurels.

The striker was voted African Women Footballer of the Year in 2006 and 2007.


First and foremost, you must have passion for what you do. I love football. I take very good care of myself. I take care of my fitness. That’s just the situation. Hard work. It’s all about determination and putting so much work in it.

Cynthia Uwak


Yes, there are lots of moments for me in football. That is one of the best moments for me. But the best was when I was named in the FIFA World number 11 in the Female Ranking which gave me the opportunity to play in the FIFA All stars. Those are moments ‎I hold on to, moments I cherish so much. These are moments I look back on and I say to myself that so I have gone this far? These are the moments I can beat my chest and say, yes, I worked so hard for it. And with God. I was able to achieve that.


The 2004 and 2006 African Women Championship gold medals, I won with my team mates then. They mean a lot to me and one of my happiest times for me. Not for just winning it but with the fact that I actually took part in it. It’s something I cherish that I was part of it.


It was a great experience. It doesn’t happen so often for you to play in the Olympics. I think this is one of the biggest sport events that happen around the world. That’s why anyone that has been there are ready to tell everyone that they are an Olympian. So, it was a wonderful experience to have been able to participate in it. It’s one of the memories that when you sit down and look back at, you’ll just smile and say yes I was part of it.

Cynthia Uwak4


Playing at the World Cup is the dream of every footballer. That’s the highest ‎level anyone can play in this profession. It was an awesome experience for me, to have been able to play in a tournament that has players like Martha and the likes of her. When you play against such players like her, you’ll know that you have attained the heights in your career. Yes, they were fun. I loved every bit of it.

Cynthia Uwak- Nigeria


You know anytime you win something, you know that you’ve really work hard for it. What comes to mind is that you are really special and as a result of your hard work. It’s history. When I look back I know that I have really come this far. And it was a wonderful experience.




Those are moments when you are really short of words. You don’t really know what to say. I’ll just say I am blessed. I am lucky. You know when you play alongside a team that wins, you’ll really feel satisfied and fulfilled. These are moments I look back on and I say it was really worth it. All the pains, all the knocks here and there,and set backs, to achieve all that, you have achieved. You just don’t play football with the aim of just knocking the ball around but with the aim of wanting to achieve something with it.

Cynthia Uwak10

The experience is really exciting. Moving from one place to the other to play football. You know when I played with the Germans, you know what to expect and what you are against. But in the French League, it is highly technical but not as easy to understand as the German techniques. It’s like really different from each country I must say. That’s why it’s easy for me to know how to play against the teams of the countries I have been to. Because I have been through their system of play. So, I know what I am up against. It is really a good experience, you know like they say, experience is the best teacher.


It was not like a straight business but you have to have something behind your mind of what you want to really achieve. That’s what I had at the back of my mind that I want to score and that I have to score. So, that’s what I do in every game, I always try to score.

Cynthia Uwak7


It’s not new. If every one in life acts the same way it is going to be a boring world. You choose your style and you embrace it. That’s me. For now, that’s what I feel comfortable with. It does not even stop the men from approaching me, they approach me on a daily basis. I won’t change my style because people are complaining about it. I have been like that from my youth days. If I did not change then when people were complaining, I wouldn’t even do it now. I put on dresses when I go to church.

I wear what I feel comfortable in. I don’t see why the way I dress should be a problem to people because it’s an interesting world. If it’s just wear just wear bum shorts and heels alone, it’ll be a boring world. To kill the curiosity about my style, I will just tell them that I am just doing me. I don’t take it in a bad way because it shows that I am doing something different and spectacular to have been noticed.

Well, I really really don’t let that bother me. It’s just like when ladies put on bum shorts and exposing better part of their body and been tagged as prostitutes. Whether I am gay, or straight or bisexual, it shouldn’t be defined by how I am dressed or not. There are gay people that except they tell you they are gay before you’ll know that they are. I am just living my life the way I feel I should live it. So, I don’t owe nobody any explanation or tell anybody if I am gay or straight or bisexual.

I owe nobody that explanation. I have read a whole lots on so many blogs and that has not changed me one bit. So, if people see the way I dress as been gay, then let them go with the idea that I am. How does people curiosity about my sexual orientation add to the money I make? So, let me be the controversial one. Let them keep guessing.

Cynthia Uwak8

Source: The Cable


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