Manchester Arena explosion beverly Hills Doctors offer victims free Surgeries

The surviving victims of the Manchester Arena explosion have a new ally … 5,000 miles from the UK.
Face Forward — a Beverly Hills-based non-profit that helps survivors of violent and disfiguring crimes — has sprung into action after the nail bomb killed 22 and injured 59.
Face Forward is offering victims free facial reconstructive surgeries. Face Forward is also offering airfare, accommodations, anesthesiologists, medicine and an after-care nurse. The team includes surgeons, doctors, dentists and therapists.

The org’s been around for a decade now with big celebs — from Sharon Stone and Nelly to “Sugar” Shane Mosley — touting its work.
Some of the most extreme examples … reconstructive surgery for a Kenyan boy whose face was distorted after he was beaten at an orphanage, and a domestically abused woman who needed to have her jaw wired shut for a year.
Their families can contact the organization here.