Metuh admitted again at National Hospital

The embattled spokesman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is currently at the emergency ward of the National Hospital, Abuja battling a debilitating health crisis.

According to the report, Olisa Metuh vomited several times in his car on his way to the federal high court in Abuja, earlier today.

“Metuh was rushed to hospital last night. It is serious. He is managing high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis. The doctor asked him to stay at hospital, but he refused because he wanted to appear in court today. He is just stubborn. He does not want his health to get in the way of his trial.

“This morning he vomited in his car on our way to the court. It is sad. I cannot say all that he is going through, but it is bad. His health is deteriorating,” a source told The Cable.

Metuh is believed to be suffering from a neurosurgical ailment besides diabetes and high blood pressure.