Police are not kidnappers, businessman tells US-based Nigerian accused of $350,000 fraud

Chris Iheanacho, owner of Environaid Technologies Limited, has asked Jim Nnah, a Nigerian based in the US to come back to the country to clear the allegations of fraud levelled against him.

Nnah, chairman of Biowich African Limited, had entered into a deal with Ihenacho but the deal went bad.

Denying being involved in any fraud, Nnah had said Environaid reneged on their agreement and when he engaged another company, Iheanacho started a campaign of calumny against him.

But reacting on Tuesday, Iheanacho said the contract terms are there to prove Nnah wrong.

He said after studying the case, the authorities “came to the conclusion” that it is a case of obtaining money under false pretence code (419)”.

“If his conscience will permit him this is his father land, let him present himself for interrogation and clear himself of any allegation instead of hiding in America as a fugitive of the law,” Iheanacho said in a statement.

“The police are not kidnappers, he will be taken to the law court to clear himself than staying in America and talking garbage as we all know the law that setup NAFDAC says that before you even start to manufacture you will apply for NAFDAC permit and you will be issued a permit number which would be on the package of the product.

“This not withstanding we did make available our contract agreement to the relevant authorities before they came to the conclusion that he defrauded us and we terminated the contract after giving him a reasonable notice as provided in the agreement.”

He said after they paid the sum of N500,000 they had to terminate the contract and ask for a refund after a grace period because they wanted value for their money.

“It will interest you that this fraudster defrauded another company who actually paid before us and till date did not receive any product from the man who defrauded me of my hard earned money. This company also wrote petition a to the special fraud unit (SFU),” he said

“I am so disappointed with the American government whom we have petitioned to investigate what this man hiding in their country.

“In fact, if not for our quick intervention when we saw his advert on one of the newspapers that we alerted the general public to beware of his fraudulent activities as it is said; a stitch in time saves nine. He has sued us and the authorities but has failed to show up in court, despite repeated adjournments. He has failed to show up in a case he filed because he is fraudster who is attempting to use the judicial system confuse his fraudulent activities. He did not show up in several court processes he himself initiated and all the cases were thrown out for lack of merit.

“I believe if it was a Nigerian who defrauded an American and ran to Nigeria for the huge amount of $350,000 they will bring in a private jet to pick him up. Talking about exclusive distribution; it was when we found out he had already given someone the same exclusive distribution we wrote him to supply to the value of what we paid to him and still he was not able to perform the contract.

“Our contract with him was accompanied with our petition to the special fraud unit only for us to find out that there are other petitions against him. This is a very clear case of fraud by Jim Daniel Nnah.”

SOURCE: The cable