Police: Cattle rustler, hunters behind Zamfara killings

The Zamfara police command has revealed details of how dozens were killed in an attack by unknown gunmen.

On Wednesday, unknown gunmen attacked Birane village in Zurmi local government area, killing many.

Although the police said 18 persons were killed in the incident, residents told journalists that at least 41 persons lost their lives.

Muhammad Shehu, spokesman of the state police command, said the killings were as a result of a conflict between hunters, local vigilantes and the bandits.

He said hunters in the village had accosted a cattle rustler who later “mobilised bandits from Isah local government area of Sokoto state to attack the hunters”.

“On February 14, the bandits ambushed the hunters in the bush and there was a clash that led to fatality on both sides,” Shehu said.

“Police/military and other sister agencies reacted by combing the bush and its environs to salvage the situation and discovered 18 dead bodies.

“It is believed that the bandits took away their own members that were killed. Meanwhile, bush combing is in progress so as to further profile the area.”

He added that mobile policemen and other security personnel have been deployed in the area to restore peace and stability.

The Zamfara incident is just one out of numerous killings that have rocked various parts of the country in 2018.

President Muhammadu Buhari has since condemned the incident and has also ordered security reinforcement in the area.

SOURCE: The Cable