President Uhuru Kenyatta signs Anti-doping Bill into law

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday signed the Anti –doping bill into law at State House in Nairobi for the upcoming 2016 Rio  Olympics Games for Brazil.

The Bill signed into Law is to meet the  deadline before May set by the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) for   2016 Olympics in August.

The President speaking at the State House in Nairobi said the signing is not an end by itself but rather the continuation of his governments efforts to stand against cheating and corruption in sports.

“As I have repeatedly emphasized, Kenya is 100 per cent committed to ensuring total compliance with international regulations on sports and athletics, be they set by Wada, IAAF, the International Olympic Committee or any other international organisation,” he said

He said Kenya is committed to ensuring that our athletes compete by the book because we believe that across the board, Kenyans are more than able to win fairly.

The President said that cheating in any form is a disservice to the potential of players and the talent of athletes.

“I want to affirm that I believe in this country’s athletes and I am confident that we don’t need to take short-cuts to win,”  he said

Kenya President