See yourself through your own mirror

By Jane Nwagbuo

October 11 every year is International Day of the Girl Child. On this special day of festival of the girl child, it is important to send a special massage to the girl child all over the World. One critical thing we should realise is that today’s girl child is tomorrow’s leader as there are numerous examples of World leaders who were first children. Every girl child should therefore be determined and strong. Certain attributes are desirable for today’s girl child and some of such attributes, I wish to talk about.

If you are a girl in the 21st century, confidence is a criterion for you. We live in a highly competitive world and only your confidence will put you in an advantaged position. That means your advantage is your confidence. The girl child should be able to look people straight in the eye when talking instead of looking down in timidity. Never feel you can’t do anything, believe in yourself and your abilities; be diligent and work hard towards actualizing your dreams.

Have a separate mirror you look at yourself. Don’t look at yourself the way people look at you. Look into your own mirror because you are the best of version of you. You should know the only place you belong is at the top so don’t feel shy or timid to go for what you want. If you don’t like your present condition, change it. Don’t let people limit you because you are limitless. There’s nothing you cannot be, nothing you cannot do, nothing you cannot have. Be bold and diligent to be what you want.

The 21st century girl child should be knowledgeable. In whatever area you aspire to be have requisite knowledge in that area. There’s a popular quote going on at the moment which says; the person you would be in the next 5years is based on the books you read, videos you watch, the people you listen to and surround yourself with, and information you receive. Commit to feeding your mind everyday with good information capable of developing your innate potentials.

Nwagbuo is President, Jane Edwin Foundation
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