Sex scandal: lecturer denies impregnating his female student, says he used a condom

There is a sex scandal currently rocking the Ogun State College of Health Technology in Ilese Ijebu involving a lecturer of the school, Dr Oluseyi Adu and a Dental student of the school identified as Mosunmola.

Acording to reports, Dr Oluseyi who is the Oral Health Coordinator for the college, had sexual relations with Mosunmola in August last year. Nine months after, Mosunmola is heavy with a child she claims is his.

The lecturer has owned up to having sex with Mosunmola but said that he used a condom when they had sex.

According to Mosunmola, Dr Oluseyi had been lecturing her since her 100 level but she did not fail his course until when she was in 300 level. She went to his office to inquire how she failed his course and he allegedly told her that she cannot just come into the school like that without him having sexual relations with her.

According to Mosunmola, Dr Oluseyi allegedly told her that he had interest in her while she was in 100 level but he backed out because a fellow lecturer had signified interest in her. She said the other lecturer had told her back then that she will either pay him money to pass his exams or give in to his sexual advances. Mosunmola says it was important for her to pass the course Dr Oluseyi failed her in because it would stop her from writing her board exams. She gave into his request and agreed to date him.

Oluseyi helped her get a waiver for the course from the department and then asked her to come over to a hotel where she would spend the night with him. At the hotel, she met another lecturer with another female student. Mosunmola says they had three rounds of sex while at the hotel. She stated that Oluseyi used condoms during two rounds but the last round was without any condom.

Mosunmola noticed she was pregnant few weeks after and told the Lecturer who gave her a drug, Eprostol, to abort the pregnancy. Mosunmola said she refused to take the drug and that one time when he came by her house to persuade her to abort the pregnancy, they finished their discussion and had sex in her house.

Dr Oluseyi started withdrawing from her and would not take her calls. She informed the HOD, Dean and other staff who tried to persuade him to take responsiblity for the child and cater for her but he refused to take responsibility. She then approached the Human Rights Office of the Ogun state Ministry of Justice who mediated and was able to get Oluseyi to pay her N5,000 monthly stipend and N7000 for antenatal registration. He however stopped paying after two months.

Dr Oluseyi has however denied Mosunmola’s claim. According to him, it was Mosunmola who seduced him and lured him into having sexual relations with her. He said he has informed his wife and that at this point, nothing can make him ashamed again as his reputation has already been smeared by the scandal.

Meanwhile Mosunmola is expected to give birth anytime soon. Oluseyi says he awaits the birth of the child so that the paternity of the child can be determined via a DNA test.