Video on Osinbajo: Does this man have a conscience

These are indeed interesting times. As the political parties’ battle for votes, secrets and more secrets about the leading political actors are tumbling out of the closet. The latest is about Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, APC’s Vice Presidential candidate. In a video trending online, a group has accused the pastor-turned-politician of mis-abusing his position as the principal lawyer to the Kano State Government in its case against Pfizer, over the administration of toxic substance to children during trial for meningitis drugs in the 1990s.

This had caused an uproar which led to a settlement agreement amongst the principal partners: the federal government, Kano state government and Pfizer. According to the deal, the affected children or their parents (next of kin) are to share the sum of 75million USD. However, since that agreement was reached, few of those children have seen a kobo of that money. Same cannot be said of Osinbajo and his law firm who have pocketed over 10millon USD, while the affected children are suffering and have not seen a dime of the money.

The video is about Osinbajo’s role in frustrating the genuine attempt of the children to access the funds. Very interesting watch!