Omokri: Jonathan, who was called ‘weak’, would sack an IGP that disobeys his order

Reno Omokri, former media aide of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, has criticised President Muhammadu Buhari for being “unaware” that Ibrahim Idris, inspector-general of police, did not obey his order to relocate to Benue.

The president had asked Idris to move to Benue after 73 persons were killed in herdsmen-farmers clashes in January, but during his visit to the state on Monday, the president was told that the IGP did not do as directed.

Reacting, Omokri said Jonathan, despite being labelled ‘weak’, would have sacked any IGP who flouts his directive.

He said the former president would have, in the first instance, been aware that the IGP did not obey his order.

Omokri also knocked Buhari for being unable to adequately supervise his appointees and for not knowing “what is happening in his government”.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, he wrote: “A President that cannot supervise his appointees, is that one a President? President whose orders are disobeyed, is that one a leader? President who does not know what is happening in his government, is that one in power?

“The Benue State Governor, Sam Ortom, is funny. He asked President Buhari to arrest the killer Fulani herdsmen that killed Benue people.

“A President that does not even know where his IG of Police is, who will he ask to arrest who? Please Ortom, be serious and stop cracking jokes.

“You called Jonathan weak. If an Inspector General of Police had disobeyed Jonathan’s orders 2 things would have occurred

Ayo Fayose, Ekiti state governor, has also criticised the president over the development, asking if he “really know anything about happenings around him”.