Open defecation: Ekiti leads in Nigeria – UNICEF

The United Nations Children’s Fund and European Union, has said that 1.8 million Eki­ti residents out of a total popula­tion of 2.7 million are engaged in open defecation and that the state contributes about 60.8% to the ag­gregate of this menace nationally.

The international body also said that over 2.5 billion people lack ac­cess to improved sanitation global­ly out of which one billion were en­gaging in open defecation.
They said this at the weekend during a two-day media network­ing and alliance-building work­shop on organised by European Union/UNICEF on Water Sanita­tion and Hygiene and Open Defe­cation Free campaign held at Ije­ro Ekiti, Ijero Local Government Area of Ekiti State.

The UNICEF/EU delegation led by Mohsena Islam, a WASH spe­cialist from UNICEF, went on a field trip with Ekiti Media WASH group to Asasa and Temidire Olo­jofi farm settlements in Aramoko Ekiti, to assess compliance with the campaign against open defecation.