Private launch: Controversial Naomi Campbell says Buhari invited her to Eko Atlantic…

Social media was literally on fire on Friday after photos of Naomi Campbell, US actress, and President Muhammadu Buhari, went viral.

The model, known for flaunting her relationships with presidents, said that she was at Eko Atlantic City at the instance of Buhari.

This created an argument between the president’s supporters and his critics.

Weighing in, Bashir Ahmad, personal assistant on new media to the president, countered Campbell, saying she was not invited by the president.

“For the sake of clarity, President @MBuhari didn’t invite Ms. Naomi Campbell to any event during his 2-day visit to Lagos State. They only met at the Eko Atlantic City while Mr. President was touring the project, and she requested to take photos with him,” he tweeted.

Within an hour later, Campbell took down the tweet and posted a new one where she said she was in the country for the Arise Fashion Week

Tolu Ogunlesi, an aide of the president, also corroborated this.

But that didn’t stop the drama on social media. Critics wouldn’t just let the president be as they feasted on the information in the previous tweet by Campbell.

The model made headlines for boasting about hanging out with former President Charles Taylor of Liberia.

Below are some tweets: