Rumpus over council primaries in Delta

Days after the local government primary elections were conducted in Delta State, aggrieved aspirants and their supporters are still threatening a showdown over alleged imposition by some leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.

As part of the backlash of the controversial process, some youths from Patani Local Government Area of Delta State, Thursday, threatened to destroy the bridge at Patani, linking Delta State and Bayelsa States, to protest the alleged imposition of one Mrs. Josephine Abeki.

The candidate is said to be the choice candidate of Ijaw Leader, Chief Edwin Clark for the chairmanship of Patani Local Government in the election scheduled for October 25 this year.

During a street protest in Patani, the youths noted that they could no longer accept a situation where Clark, who is not from Patani Local Government Area would be dictating those that should hold political positions in the area.

Nelson Ebiodouwei, Tare Bomotu, Dennis Akpotu and Nelly Koripamu , who led the protest urged President Goodluck Jonathan to intervene before the situation gets out of hand.

In Olomu, Ughelli south LGA, the outcome of the PDP Primaries in Olomu ward 2 (10), led to the arrest of a former Councilor of the ward, Emmanuel Oviri Ohwofasa and nine others by the men of Otu-Jeremi Police Division for protesting the outcome of the Council Primary in his ward.

Also in Burutu LGA, the PDP Primary election in Bikorogha/Burutu Ward 13&14 was marred by allegation of imposition of the son of Chief Edwin Clark, Ebikeme.

Four aspirants in Ethiope East council, namely Chief Augustine Eruotor, Mr Dafe Omovosa, Mr Joshua Atigogo and Mr Lucky Orishe have also insisted that there was no election in the area, calling on Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan to prevail on the state PDP leadership to conduct a free and fair election in the area.


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